'Transformation 31' Courses

31 Days To Master Your Authority In 5 Ways!

5 Guided Mastermind Courses:

“Master Your Mindset”

Know Your Why!

 $2,500 USD


“Master Your Brand”

Know Your Worth!

 $4,500 USD


“Master Your Authority (Part 1)”

Cultivate Your Communications Skills!

 $3,500 USD


“Master Your Authority (Part 2)”

Define Your Go-To-Market Strategy!

 $3,500 USD


“Master Your Leadership”

Create Advocacy!

 $3,500 USD


Please Note:


  • These courses have been designed to work together for maximum impact, but can also be used as standalone courses in those areas where you feel you need to level up.

  • For those of you who would like to work through all 5 guided mastermind courses, a tiered bulk purchase discount is available for anyone who purchases 2 or more in this series. To access this, please email us HERE.

  • Raj uses a proprietary coachingconsulting, and mentoring methodology to share knowledge, set specific action steps, and provide accountability support during each of the 4 phases of the 5 courses.

All Courses Include:

1. 4 Phases - Delivered Through A 3-Step Process Per Phase:

Step 1: Online Questionnaires: Filled out by you for us to plan out each coaching session around the submitted information.

Step 2: 1-On-1 Sessions: 60 minute training session with Raj to bridge the gap between where the Client currently is and where they need to go in order to be ready for the next phase.

Step 3: Customized Assignments: You will complete assigned tasks in order to be ready to initiate the next phase.

2. Mindset Support:

Guided Meditation: To clear, open, and expand the energy flow between Raj and you at the beginning of the course.

Light Reiki Healing: For you to move forward with ease at the beginning of the course.

Goal Setting Affirmations: To keep you razor sharp focused in-between each phase of the course, so as to not loose momentum.

3. Email Support - Provided In 2 Stages:

Stage 1: Throughout the duration of the course as needed to support the course assignments.

Stage 2: For 1-month post completion of the course to accommodate for anything
that may come up for you.

4. Resources:

While the course is in progress, Raj may share external resources for you to tap into and to support your journey as and when needed, because experience has taught her 4 key things about people - that everyone is:

  • At different stages of growth.
  • Have specific reasons for wanting to level up.
  • Have access to different assets to help them succeed.
  • Learn & execute tasks in different ways.

5. Certificate Of Completion:

Provided from the Academy to attest that each client has met the required level of proficiency.

6. No-Expiry, Discount Coupon:

For future purchases at the Academy.

This can only be used on the purchase of 2 or more Transformation 31 courses and cannot be combined with any other offer or products & services at the Academy.

2nd Course: 5% OFF
3rd Course: 7% OFF
4th Course: 10% OFF
5th Course: 12% OFF
ALL 5 Courses Paid Together & In Full: 15% OFF

7. Lifetime Membership To Weekly Newsletter:

Where exclusive offers, discounts, trainings, and resources are provided.

8. Lifetime Membership To Private Business Incubator:

Where expert advice, networking opportunities, and questions are answered by Raj and her team.

A Note From Our Founder . . .

"Growth mastery is the key to unlocking the next phase of our lives, whether it be for personal or professional elevation.

It takes time, effort, and discipline to get there, and most importantly, GUIDANCE from someone who has already walked the path and figured out the best route to get there fast.

In my 20 year tenure as an award-winning & successful entrepreneur and media personality, I have worked (and continue to do so), with Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, executives, and creatives, on their branding, media, communications, and marketing campaigns.

Through this extensive, first-hand experience, I have mastered the components that create, cultivate, sustain, and elevate personal branding, an essential criteria to command authority in today’s over saturated, online marketplace, regardless of whether your business is . . .

  • product or service-based,
  • for profit or not-for profit,
  • regional, national, or internationally targeted.

If . . .

  • you don't know who you are,
  • what you stand for,
  • who will care,
  • how to find and engage the right people,
  • and how to motivate them to advocate your mission,

then (one or more) of these 5 result-oriented 4-week courses are your answer, where we work together towards individual mastery with focused intention."


Raj Girn

Founder & CEO,

For my full bio, CLICK HERE.
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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This service is for guidance, coaching, consulting, and mentorship purposes only. It is being provided to you, to help you explore ways through which you can identify and make changes in your personal and / or professional life towards a desired goal. This is not a quick fix or get-rich-quick scheme, or a guaranteed business, career, or life advancement service. Any help or suggestions you receive are to be used at your own risk, based on your own volition and judgment. The results will vary client to client, depending on various factors outside of the context and control of the service(s) rendered. 

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