Inside Every Woman Is A Powerful Story Waiting To Be Told That Can Change The World Forever.

But . . .


"Women are less self-assured than men, therefore, less likely to step into their greatness."

They need confidence as much as competence before they feel worthy of promotion, accolades, and respect.

‚ÄĒ Fiction ‚ÄĒ

"Men are more competent than women."

Research proves that companies that are heavily women employed do far better in revenue than their male counterparts. 

‚ÄĒ Solution ‚ÄĒ

If you are a woman who wants to align her confidence with her competence, there is no accident that you have been invited into this opportunity, because . . .

The most impactful way to do so is to create & cultivate an ongoing personal brand presence that communicates your exceptional skills, knowledge, expertise and value system non-stop to the world, in an authentic, clear, and engaging manner. . .

And there is no more empowering way to do this, than to speak your brand.

Welcome to your one-stop opportunity to doing just that

on one of the most prestigious stages
the world has ever seen:

If you're thinking:

"I don't know where to start."

then you’re in the right place.




Our team of global experts are here to handhold you through an experience like no other ‚ÄĒ that we believe ‚ÄĒ will change your life forever!


Founder, Co-Owner


Co-Owner, Director Of Content


Co-Creator, Director Of Speaking Programs


Client Success Concierge

Raj Girn

Founder, Co-Owner

Belinda Ginter

Co-Owner, Director Of Content

Elaine Powell

Co-Creator, Director Of Speaking Programs

Tiffany Spino

Client Success Concierge

Our BIG Promise:

To cultivate your confidence with unshakeable competence, so that you never question yourself again, AND you get to share your brilliance on the world’s #1 stage!

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Never again will you think, act, or speak like you are not worthy. Ever!

Because . . .


The Ultimate Mentorship Experience To Become TEDx Worthy

‚ÄĒ¬†For Women Who Want To Amplify¬†Their Voices & Lead With Confidence!¬†‚ÄĒ



Take Advantage Of Our
Pre-Launch Discount

A Gift From Us To You:

  • $1,000 Confidence Cash To Put Towards Your Purchase
  • An Extra $1,000 If You Pay In Full
  • Plus Over $7,500 Worth Of Bonuses



This Program Will Never Be Offered Again At This Heavily-Discounted Price!
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Not only will we arm you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to write the best TEDx talk imaginable, but . . .

we will train you to perform like a world-class speaker, get your talk booked on stage, AND help you go viral!


Because, after a year of researching all other programs on the market and speaking to dozens of TEDx coaches, hundreds of TEDx stages, and thousands of TEDx speakers (to find out what works and what doesn’t) . . .

we have created what we believe to be

the gold standard in TEDx trainings:

A fully immersive, 6-month,
expert & peer-driven experience . . .

designed to guarantee that you become a bonafide TEDx speaker, go viral, and leverage the talk to skyrocket your brand authority and business for years to come!

Here's how:

The Curriculum

The Support

Open Chest Resources Vault Containing All Of The Resources You Will Need To Excel Through Each Journey And Win
Help Desk To Address Quick Questions So That You Can Move Past Any Roadblocks
Office Hours With Our Experts, So That You Can Address Your Individual Needs In A Hot Seats Environment
Private Facebook Group For Peer Group Support, Networking, And Posting Your Wins
Mindset Coaching With Our Client Success Concierge Department

The Bonuses

$7,500 Worth of Added Value

  • Bonus 1: Free Webpage Template To Present Your TEDx Talk, Profile, And Lead Magnet

  • Bonus 2: Free Marketing Campaign Blueprint To Maximize Your TEDx Talk Visibility

  • Bonus 3:¬†Free¬†Lead Magnet Blueprint To Convert Your Traffic To Your Offer/Services

  • Bonus 4:¬†Free¬†Brand Your Authority Roadmap¬†To Elevate Your Brand Presence As An Authority Figure

  • Bonus 5:¬†Personal Branding Assets Guide

  • Bonus 6:¬†Personal Brand Image Guide

  • Bonus 7: Free 50,000 Views On Your YouTube Talk

  • Bonus 8:¬†Free Confidence Cash¬†For Use On Brand Your Authority Services

  • Bonus 9: Free Lifetime Membership To Our Full Experts On Demand Video Library¬†Launching In 2025

  • Bonus 10:¬†Free Lifetime Membership To Our Monthly Mentor Mastery¬†Program¬†Launching In 2025

  • Bonus 11:¬†Free Competition Entry With Your Graduating Class For Our ‚ÄúSpin With Confidence‚ÄĚ Sweepstakes

  • Bonus 12:¬†Free¬†Profile Feature¬†On Our Speakers Database Website Launching In 2025

  • Bonus 13:¬†Nomination Eligibility For Our Annual Awards Show¬†Launching In 2025

  • Bonus 14:¬†Lifetime Graduate Pricing For All Academy Hosted Events (Conference, Awards, Masterminds, Accelerators, Summits, Retreats, etc.), Except For New Member Events
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The ability to speak effectively is a skill that can be taught and perfected and is an invaluable asset to building authority and credibility for your brand, and elevating your business, relationships, and overall quality of life.

"We Look Forward
To Seeing You On The Other Side¬†‚ÄĒ Where Your Destiny Is



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